36 Week Update

How I’m doing:

 It’s one step forward, two steps back this pregnancy. After an eventful week things took a turn and it’s back to bed. On Thursday I began bleeding, much more than I have in the past.The bleeding continued through out the day and an ultrasound was performed to be sure it wasn’t effecting me or the baby. After it finally subsided I was sent home on complete bedrest. 

At today’s appointment my doctor basically told me that I should be considering a c section, because she isn’t sure how my placenta will handle a vaginal delivery. I have a small tear (that I have had since 6 weeks, and has caused the majority of my issues this pregnancy.) If it were to get worse or detach during delivery I would be sent directly into an emergency c section. So there is a possibility I would be in labor for hours just to have a c section. 

With words being thrown around like ‘bleeding out’ and ‘life threatening’, I am definitely leaning toward a c section, even though I have always been terrified to have one. My doctor did say it was 100% my decision and she would be comfortable doing it either way I wanted. I am thankful I am not being pressured one way or the other, but the thought of a super traumatic delivery is pushing me to the way of the c section. I’m feeling like a super controlled environment will make me feel the most comfortable.

If you have had a c section I’d love to hear about your experience. 

How He’s Doing:

Thankfully all of this bleeding has not negatively effected the baby. In the mist of everything going on at the hospital his vitals were always perfect, which is all I can ask for. He’s measuring around 5 lbs 11 ounces, but I don’t know how much I really trust ultrasounds for weight. 

How She’s Doing:

Romy’ still running the show around here as usual. We will see how that works out once baby arrives! She seems happy to have her daddy spending so much time with her. Unfortunately she developed an ear infection while we were gone at the hospital so we are all a little under the weather around here. Speaking of weather the rain California has been getting right now is pretty insane. I guess it’s the perfect weather for staying in bed all day!


Girl Night In

When asked by friends and family about whether or not I wanted a sprinkle for this baby my first thought was no. It seemed silly for me to expect gifts from people when I just had a huge shower two years ago and got more than I could have asked for. As it became apparent that bed rest was going to be the overall theme of this pregnancy it became even less feasible in my mind.

After months in bed or on some sort of modified bedrest two of my girl friends decided to plan a girls night in at my house with a handful of my close friends. Everyone came in comfy clothes, we watched a movie, ate junk food, had martinis and margaritas (them not me) and hung out. It was just what I needed- a fun girls night, which hasn’t happened in FOREVER and a nice way to celebrate the coming arrival of my baby boy. 

I’m so blessed to have such great friends in my life and so many people to share life’s greatest moments with. 

34/35 Week Update 

How I’m doing:

It’s been a crazy last few weeks, with some highs and lows. Week 34 was an anxious one. I started stressing about baby being in the right position, not feeling prepared and the fear set in about having to do this whole giving birth thing again.  This resulted in high blood pressure at my 34 Week appointment. I had to have my blood tested yet again to make sure it was nothing more than nerves and stress, which sure enough it was. 

Week 35 turned things around. My besties planned a girls night in to celebrate baby Angelos with a handful of my close friends. They all brought gifts, we watched a movie and had lots of yummy food. I’ll post more details later, but it helped really get me excited about meeting our newest edition. The last few days have been spent nesting like crazy. Trying to make up for all the lost time laying in bed. We are pretty much in the safe zone now, so it’s go go go until go time. 

How he’s doing:

Before my 34 Week appointment I was starting to worry about his position, I really don’t want a c section. I felt much better after my appointment when my doctor literally used her fingers on my belly and wiggled him head down. It was pretty crazy. He wasn’t far off, and with a little help he slipped right into place. Hopefully next week he will still be head down. 

How she’s doing:

Oh Romy! Week 34 resulted in her first legit time out, and boy was that interesting! She is so strong willed, I’m really going to have my work cut out for me.  Terrible twos is almost here, just in time for a newborn! 

We had highs these last two weeks as well. She  went to Disneyland with daddy and had a ridiculous amount of fun. And her newest thing? Calling me Mom! 

2017 Resolutions

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Resolutions aren’t for everyone.  I find them to be pretty divisive actually.  People are usually all about them, or very anti.  I fall under the first category, and generally have a lot of success with them.  There is just something about taking the time at the beginning of the year to reevaluate how things are going, and figure out what changes can be made to put you in a positive direction. It’s officially been 5 years since I’ve had a sip of diet coke, and I have 2012 to thank for that.

I generally set one or two large goals for the year, and then throw in a few small attainable changes I want to make in my day to day.


While 2016 was successful in getting Romy to sleep through the night and us getting pregnant with baby #2, it was not the year of savings.  Felt more like a year of fun and spending to be honest.

So this year we are all about having a very specific budget, where we can see exactly where all of our money goes.  I feel like with so many subscription services, auto debits, eating out, its’ so easy to lose track of how much you are really spending. Seeing it all written down really makes you reevaluate what your priorities are. Being that we will probably be spending more time at home with the new baby it should be easier to not spend as much.  We might as well take advantage of this time and try and make it a year of saving. 2018 can be our year of investing.



ORGANIZE PHOTO BOOKS: For 2015 one of my small goals was this as well.  Guess what? I just finished 2015 and started 2016.  It didn’t exactly work out as planned but I’m hoping if I can get 2016 done this week, then I can start 2017 next month, and just do it as the months go on, that way I’m not trying to do it all at once. AGAIN. Artifact Uprising is my go-to for pretty books, and I’m planning on having them on display in our family room.


This goal goes hand in hand with my budget, but I find if I can plan my meals for the week, and have certain nights designated as eating out days or dinner with friends days, my grocery shopping ends up being so much more cost effective.  Every time I walk into Trader Joes without planning ahead of time I end up buying way to much and we end up throwing away extra food at the end of the week.


I’m going into having this second baby with a very different mind set than I did with Romy.  I am hoping to be able to let go of any expectations and try and be as “go with the flow” as possible. I am not setting any deadlines or timelines in my head about where I should be. I am not going to kill myself trying to exclusively breastfeed, and I am going into it knowing my days may be a hot mess- and being ok with it.  I am hoping with less commitments and expectations, this transition will be easier on me than it was the first time. I hope….

Are you setting any goals for yourself this year?  I’d love to hear what you are working on in 2017.

33 Week Update

How I’m doing: 

The holidays have really made the time go by,  so I’m definitely expecting things to start feeling a lot slower in the coming weeks. It has been so nice being able to do a bit more.  I look forward to our nightly walk and have been trying to get some easy stretches in. Since I can’t lift Romy going places on our own isn’t possible but I have had a few outings with my dad and when Bobby is home. We even went to a New Year’s Eve party! (We were the first to leave-but still). 

As far as how I’m feeling goes, I am really feeling like we are running out of room. He is still moving as much as before but is completely oblivious to the fact that he doesn’t have the space and my entire belly just looks crazy. I feel like he has either moved down or gotten a lot bigger and is now really on my bladder. I constantly feel the need to pee.

How he’s doing :

Not quite sure of his position at this point. He was head down for quite a while but I feel like he has moved a lot. Hoping by 36 weeks he is head down and stays that way!

How she’s doing:

Romy is at a really fun age and I’m soaking up these final weeks with just the two of us. I hate that so much of this fun time has been spent in bed away from her, and I’m really trying to live in the moment. I can not believe she’ll be two in just two months!

2016 In Review

I know in general 2016 has gotten a bad wrap, but bedrest aside I feel pretty blessed to have had a pretty good year. We celebrated Romy’s first birthday and baptism, she accomplished her first new years resolution of learning to sleep through the night, we have gone on some fun vacations, saw Adele live, had our first complete year in our new home, had successes at the restaurant,  and the most exciting thing -we have found out we are adding a baby boy to our family. Overall it was a year of fun and adventure with our little family, and although 2017 will be much different,  I am really excited and hopeful for what it will bring.

32 Week Update 

How I’m doing:

I’d say this past week was a pretty good one. Christmas definitely helped pass the time and we kept a little busier than usual. This weeks doctors appointment was good as well. Since we’ve had 6 weeks of quiet my doctor said I can start taking 20 minute walks every day and start doing a little bit more. Still no lifting, or doing anything too crazy but I don’t have to be laying down all the time any more. What a relief! 

How he’s doing:

He seems to be happy. Lots of movement and about the size of a Jicama. All of my vitamin levels have gone up and my anemia is basically resolved so he is getting all the calcium, vitamin d and iron he needs. 

How she’s doing: 

Well, it was Christmas this week, I think that sums it up.  Romy had so much fun opening all of her gifts and loved playing with all of her new toys. Her favorites are all her Elsa dolls (she got 3), her pottery barn kids table, coloring stuff and her new balls. 

Last night was her first night with her crib in her new room. A few months back we bought her a toddler bed, which she loves to play and jump on, but I’m not sure any of us are ready to tackle the actual transition and risk messing with her sleep. So for now her crib sits beside her bed and she’s pretty happy that way.