Happy left over turkey day. Anyone else look forward to the left overs as much as the thanksgiving day meal itself? 

Since I was in bed all day and my mom had to work for the first part of the day we decided to make it at easy as possible on ourselves. We bought the entire turkey dinner from Gelsons and omg it was delicious. I’m thinking of having Bobby whip up one of these recipes with all of our amazing left overs.

Via Oh, Sweet Basil
Via Our Life Tastes Good
Via Art and the Kitchen

What’s your go to left over recipes?


RECIPES: Funfetti Pancake Tower

I’m sure you took notice of the AMAZING pancake tower in Wednesdays photos.  Let me tell you, it tasted as amazing as it looked.  Like OMG you have to try this. The host of Romy’s shower went off this recipe we found on Pinterest.

To make it even more fun we made a game out of it. We hid a tiny baby in the center and whoever got the piece with the baby is supposed to be the next one pregnant!