2016 In Review

I know in general 2016 has gotten a bad wrap, but bedrest aside I feel pretty blessed to have had a pretty good year. We celebrated Romy’s first birthday and baptism, she accomplished her first new years resolution of learning to sleep through the night, we have gone on some fun vacations, saw Adele live, had our first complete year in our new home, had successes at the restaurant,  and the most exciting thing -we have found out we are adding a baby boy to our family. Overall it was a year of fun and adventure with our little family, and although 2017 will be much different,  I am really excited and hopeful for what it will bring.


Gingerbread house 

How cute is my gingerbread house? Haha no I didn’t decorate it, and no, neither did Romy. My mom bought it for us from Gelsons. I had no idea they offered this, but doesn’t it make such a cute hostess gift? You can totally customize them however you would like. I’ll definitely keep this in mind from now on when I get invited to holiday parties. 

Gift wrap 

For gifts my go to is generally a white box, with fun decorations. (Hence why I love buying gifts from Anthro-free white box.) Since this year I really shouldn’t be on the ground bent over cutting and taping, I decided to keep it simple. 

I ordered these white boxes off of amazon, decorated them with markers and fun tape, then once Bobby was home from work he helped me assemble them.  Super easy breezy, but I actually really like them. I kept with the theme of initials, gold and black. 

What do you typically do for holiday gift wrap?

A little bit of Romy

I would never be one of those moms I said. My house will always be decorated how I please. Just because I have a kid doesn’t mean my style has to go out the window: 

Add that to the list of 101 things I said before I actually had a child and went back on. ( Gosh I sounded so stupid) 

So here my friends are the pictures I probably wouldn’t post on Instagram because that’s where you are supposed to only post the pretty. Here is a little bit of Romy’s decor sprinkled into our holiday home.

Tootsie floats from place to place all around our home while Romy sleeps. If she’s into it, we are into it
Guys, if you have a child it is all about the lights. Seriously, and her playhouse was no exception.
This little tree has been decorated and redecorated daily by Romy. The Minnie Mouse on top really sets it off.
When we bought this house I envisioned a traditional Christmas with lots of green wreaths and white lights. I know it’s hard to see, but that is Olaf in the right corner and Ana with snowflakes on the balcony. How did this happen??



Photo via Whitney Darling

This year I am most thankful for family.  I’m thankful for my little Romy who has changed my life in more ways than her little 1 year old mind can comprehend.  I am thankful that Baby Angelos is still cooking, and I am able to enjoy the holiday from home surrounded by the most important people in my life. I am thankful to have Bobby by my side through it all, taking on so much more than he is used to.  Lastly I am thankful that I have the immediate family that I do, who have committed so much of their free time to helping us out.

Wishing all of my friends and family a fabulous Thanksgiving.




Anyone Black Friday shopping tonight?  I will be from my computer.  Praying I get my hands on some Prickly Pot prints from Little Unicorn for Angelos’ Nursery.  I typically hit up Old Navy simply because everything is 50% off.  And I haven’t heard anything yet, but I’m hoping Framebridge offers something, because I have a handful of photo gifts I need to frame.  If  I weren’t in bed, I’d be at home Depot tomorrow at 6 AM for $1 poinsettia plants and $5 real wreaths. What are your go to Black Friday stops?