3 Week Update 

Man oh man, where to begin??

Things were going so good too. I was so happy we were making this transition as smoothly as possible. Then Week 3 came around and knocked us on our butts. It started with Romy getting sick yet again, and progressed to her being sicker than I had a ever seen. She literally napped for 6 hours one day and did nothing but lay around. We did everything we could to keep them separate, keeping Angelos upstairs and her down, but soon enough he started to cough and it was all down hill from there. 

The real low point was when we took Angelos to the ER at 4:00 AM and he was admitted for 4 nights to CHOC for RSV. It was heart breaking to see my tiny guy on oxygen and in his little hospital bassinet. On Friday we were released back home keeping a close eye on him.  

How He’s Doing:

Today was his 2nd follow up appointment and his oxygen levels were a little lower than they have been. They gave him a breathing treatment and sent him home with an inhaler. We go back Friday to see if he has made any progress. I am praying he does because I don’t know if I can handle another hospital stay. 

Through this entire ordeal this little man has been such a trooper. He is such a sweet and calm baby, I can not even imagine how much more difficult this cold have been had he not been that way. Even when they x-rayed his lungs he just sat there as Bobby pinned his arms down and I held his legs. Sharing a hospital room with another baby was fine too. He never even woke up when the other baby cried. 

How She’s Doing:

Romy is nearly back to normal thank God. She literally was so sick it was heartbreaking. Giving her breathing treatments at the emergency was one of the hardest things I’ve experienced as a mother. She was so scared she put up such a fight. She screamed bloody murder until she was too exhausted to fight any longer. 

After a few days on antibiotics and using an at home inhaler she was pretty much back to her sassy self. 

How I’m Doing: 

Where do I even begin? The entire week was such a whirlwind I forgot I was even recovering from major surgery myself. My mindset this entire time has been to just get through the week. In a week things would be so much better. And they are better, but Angelos’ recovery is definitely going to be longer than I had originally expected. So now I’m looking forward to spring. The day I can take both kids to the nursery to pick some new flowers to plant will be a good day. 

Through this all we have been overwhelmed with well wishes from so many people. If definitely feels good to know that so many people have us in their thoughts and prayers. Here’s to Week 4.


Angelos Roy One Week Update 

How I’m doing: 

A week in and I’m doing much better all around than I had expected. I braced myself for a super hard recovery and I think that helped my situation. When I had Romy I had expectations of bouncing back and being ready to get back to normal life by now and was basically slapped in the face. 

I think I had an unusually difficult vaginal recovery with Romy and this has actually been easier on me both physically and mentally. Before the idea of stitches freaked me out and things like using the bathroom and sitting normally were stressful. There is a certain relief this time that my incision is on my stomach. My pregnancy was so tough on me that at this point there is a certain amount of relief that it’s all over. 

While I am not my best self with little sleep, I feel like this time I am more aware of how quickly time will pass so my patience is better. The idea that this may be my last newborn makes me hold on a little tighter to these moments. 

How He’s Doing:

This little guy is the polar opposite of Romy when she was first born. Being that he was born at 36.5 weeks he is considered Late Pre Term. This makes it hard for him to nurse long enough to get all the milk he needs, as he becomes exhausted pretty quickly. This means waking him every 2 hours to nurse for 10 minutes, giving him 1 oz of breastmilk from a bottle, then pumping. While it is exhausting, it is so much better than Romys constant nursing. And crying. I feel like he is constantly sleeping. 

How She’s Doing:

I am so proud of what a good big sister Romy has been. She calls him Baby Boy, and loves to kiss and hug him. She has been ultra sensitive lately, on the verge of tears for things that normally wouldn’t upset her, but I am so relieved she loves him.  I know she will have an adjustment period, and I’m looking forward to recovering and having some one on one time with her.