1 Month Update 

How I’m Doing:

A month has flown and I can not even believe that my little man is already over 5 weeks old. 

As far as recovery goes, I am feeling pretty good! I have a little bit of soreness in my stomach area when I feel like I’ve done too much. But other than that this recovery has been 100 times easier than my first, which is interesting because I’ve heard from so many people that c-section recovery is rough. It also may be that I have had so little time this time to focus on myself. In the midst of Angelos hospitalization I literally at one point forgot I was supposed to be recoving. Thankfully I wasn’t doing any more than taking care of him and sleeping at the hospital. I have also been pretty by the book with doctors orders. No driving or lifting for another 3 weeks! So looking forward to getting cleared because I’m dying to do some sort of workout. This second baby belly is no joke.

Emotionally this time around has been so much better as well. When I had Romy I felt like my hormones took over me and made me crazy. There were moments where I questioned who the heck this crazy person was. This time I feel like I’m my old level headed self. Even when both kids were sick and it was so stressful, I feel like I handled myself pretty well given the situation. 

I think the main reason everything has been so much better this time around is because I went into it with very low expectations. I mentally prepared for a horrible recovery, no sleep and a colic baby. Thankfully those situations were not the case.  I pulled Romy out of her activities temporarily and our days are spent at home. If we do nothing more than hangout in my room watching movies I’m not even going to worry about it. In time we will get into a groove and routine, but I am so much more aware this time around how quickly time is going to pass that I’m soaking up these days, loving on my babies, and not putting any pressure on myself to pull everything together. 

How He’s Doing:

Thank you Jesus this baby is healthy. It was so scary to see him so sick, but through it all he was such a trooper. In the last week he has started to be a wake a bit more, and I’m learning what he likes and doesn’t like. He has been a little bit fussier than he was at first but overall I can’t complain. He nurses like a champ (which is so much easier this time). He sleeps pretty good.( We are currently getting one 5 hour stretch followed by a 3 hour). I am so in love with this little guy it’s kind of crazy. 

How She’s Doing:

My little baby turned two this week and it breaks my heart. The way that time speeds up the second you have children is so cliche but true. I  am so proud of the big sister she has become. She is so patient when I have to tend to him. She hates when he cries and tells me to give him milk. It feels like over night her vocabulary has tripled. All of a sudden she is telling me things I didn’t even know she could, and she gets super upset when I can’t understand her. I am looking forward to getting the clear to drive so we can go on some girl dates together soon. 

Overall I’m feeling pretty content right now. God is good.