Angelos Roy One Week Update 

How I’m doing: 

A week in and I’m doing much better all around than I had expected. I braced myself for a super hard recovery and I think that helped my situation. When I had Romy I had expectations of bouncing back and being ready to get back to normal life by now and was basically slapped in the face. 

I think I had an unusually difficult vaginal recovery with Romy and this has actually been easier on me both physically and mentally. Before the idea of stitches freaked me out and things like using the bathroom and sitting normally were stressful. There is a certain relief this time that my incision is on my stomach. My pregnancy was so tough on me that at this point there is a certain amount of relief that it’s all over. 

While I am not my best self with little sleep, I feel like this time I am more aware of how quickly time will pass so my patience is better. The idea that this may be my last newborn makes me hold on a little tighter to these moments. 

How He’s Doing:

This little guy is the polar opposite of Romy when she was first born. Being that he was born at 36.5 weeks he is considered Late Pre Term. This makes it hard for him to nurse long enough to get all the milk he needs, as he becomes exhausted pretty quickly. This means waking him every 2 hours to nurse for 10 minutes, giving him 1 oz of breastmilk from a bottle, then pumping. While it is exhausting, it is so much better than Romys constant nursing. And crying. I feel like he is constantly sleeping. 

How She’s Doing:

I am so proud of what a good big sister Romy has been. She calls him Baby Boy, and loves to kiss and hug him. She has been ultra sensitive lately, on the verge of tears for things that normally wouldn’t upset her, but I am so relieved she loves him.  I know she will have an adjustment period, and I’m looking forward to recovering and having some one on one time with her. 


One thought on “Angelos Roy One Week Update 

  1. Awwww, he’s only missing his wings! ❤ He’s perfecto Angelos! So glad you are feeling better and I am glad it’s better than you thought. My first c section was hard but I did not expect it, 2nd I was ready for. So happy for you! All good news, GOD is great!


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