Angelos Birth Story

Four days ago, January 28th, we welcomed baby Angleos to our family.  As I sit here in peace a few hours away from going home with our newest edition, I have a moment to reflect on these past few days before being thrown into the chaos of two under two as soon as I open that door.  I wanted to take a moment to at least jot something down in regards to Angelos’ birth story, while its still fresh.

At my last doctors appoint (36 weeks) my doctor had made mention of the fact that a c section might be a good option for me, and for me to think about it and let her know the following week. ( You can read more about why in my 36 week update).  After about a day, Bobby and I had pretty much decided that the C-Section was the route we were going to take and I was constantly writing down questions related to c-sections in my phone for my following appointment. As long as none of the answers didn’t COMPLETELY freak me out, we would schedule a c-section for around 39 Weeks. The next few days I was super nervous that I would go into labor before my next appointment, and not have all of my questions answered before making my decision.

Well as my luck would have it on Saturday at 2:20 AM, half way through my 36th week I woke up to my water breaking. I jumped out of bed, ran to call my doctor and woke Bobby up. There really is no going back once your water breaks, and I was aware of that fact.  I talked to my doctor and told her that we had decided on a c-section but I was scared and still had questions.  She told me I had a little bit of time to make up my mind and to let her know once I was admitted what I wanted to do.

We arrived at 3:00 AM to Mission Hospital where I was 3 cm dilated and my contractions had begun to kick in.  (Exactly like Romy’s delivery). I let them know that I would be having a c-section, and they were able to once again give me medication to stop my contractions.  I decided to go with the c-section simply because I knew the trauma of having an emergency one might be a little too much for me, and I wanted to start my time with Angelos in the most calm environment as possible.  I was supposed to go straight into the operating room, but there were two emergencies that got pushed ahead of me. Since I was able to stop contractions and was comfortable, I was moved to the back of the line.

At 8:30 AM I made my way to the O.R. I was surprisingly more calm than I expected. Given that our situation wasn’t rushed or urgent, I felt like everyone really took the time to explain everything that was about to happen and make me feel comfortable. Bobby had to step out side while they prepped me and gave me my spinal. The spinal was pretty crazy. I didn’t realize it was just an injection and not something that stayed in your back like an IV or epidural.  I hunched over, just like the epidural and leaned on my doctor while the anesthesiologist did the injection.  Within seconds your toes start getting warm and the sensation makes its way up your body.  Literally in five minutes you are completely numb. I was so afraid of feeling anything, even just the pressure of them cutting into me made me want to vomit, but she had begun the surgery and I didn’t even know it.  I couldn’t feel a thing. As the baby is about to come out there was a strange sensation of a ton of weight pushing down on your chest, I felt like I could not breath.  Thankfully they warned me about that so I didn’t panic but it was definitely the worst part for me.

At 8:59 AM about five minutes into the surgery beginning Angelos was held up into the air for me to see.  He cried the softest cry and was taken for a quick evaluation with daddy to be sure everything looked good.  I was so anxious to have him in my arms and really get a good look at him.  Five or ten minutes later he was brought over to do skin to skin while they finished closing everything up.  My first thoughts as I saw him were ‘Oh my god, he’s so tiny!’ and ‘He looks like Romy’. My heart automatically grew in that moment, and I knew the love for him was as great as the love I have for Romy. It was such a crazy thing.

The next 24 hours was calm and smooth. All this little guy wants to do is sleep, a far cry from when Romy  was first born. The recovery has had its moments, but not nearly as bad as I had thought it up to be in my mind.  But we can save all that fun stuff for another post.

FYI- My doctor informed me that I would have ended up in an emergency c-section, because when she pulled him out he was completely tangled in the cord. It wrapped around his neck and arms and body. I felt a lot better about my decision when I heard that.



One thought on “Angelos Birth Story

  1. Oh these pictures are angelic! Thank God Angelos is out safely (The chord! Scary!), and prayers for a speedy recovery. The getting and leaning up is the hard part on the tummy, if it gets too painful, don’t be afraid of the meds for pain. It makes a happy mommy and a happy baby. Love to you and your two angels! Oh, and Bobby too, Hahahahah


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