Angelos Nursery

Angelos Nursery


When I first found out I was having a boy, one of my first thoughts was how do I decorate a boys nursery?  My entire house is white and floral, how could I even work something boyish into that? I pulled from what I normally use (flowers) and tried thinking of a masculine way to do that.  Succulents and plants came to mind and I kind of just went from there- going with a desert, boho, plant theme.
So given that I have had to stay in bed for the majority of this pregnancy, and Bobby has been busy working then coming straight home to take care of me and Romy, not all of these things are actually hanging on the walls or in place, but I do have all these items purchased and sitting on the floor in the nursery.  That counts for something right? You might have seen the photo on instagram of the one part of the room that is put together.  Hoping to finish this coming week.

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