36 Week Update

How I’m doing:

 It’s one step forward, two steps back this pregnancy. After an eventful week things took a turn and it’s back to bed. On Thursday I began bleeding, much more than I have in the past.The bleeding continued through out the day and an ultrasound was performed to be sure it wasn’t effecting me or the baby. After it finally subsided I was sent home on complete bedrest. 

At today’s appointment my doctor basically told me that I should be considering a c section, because she isn’t sure how my placenta will handle a vaginal delivery. I have a small tear (that I have had since 6 weeks, and has caused the majority of my issues this pregnancy.) If it were to get worse or detach during delivery I would be sent directly into an emergency c section. So there is a possibility I would be in labor for hours just to have a c section. 

With words being thrown around like ‘bleeding out’ and ‘life threatening’, I am definitely leaning toward a c section, even though I have always been terrified to have one. My doctor did say it was 100% my decision and she would be comfortable doing it either way I wanted. I am thankful I am not being pressured one way or the other, but the thought of a super traumatic delivery is pushing me to the way of the c section. I’m feeling like a super controlled environment will make me feel the most comfortable.

If you have had a c section I’d love to hear about your experience. 

How He’s Doing:

Thankfully all of this bleeding has not negatively effected the baby. In the mist of everything going on at the hospital his vitals were always perfect, which is all I can ask for. He’s measuring around 5 lbs 11 ounces, but I don’t know how much I really trust ultrasounds for weight. 

How She’s Doing:

Romy’ still running the show around here as usual. We will see how that works out once baby arrives! She seems happy to have her daddy spending so much time with her. Unfortunately she developed an ear infection while we were gone at the hospital so we are all a little under the weather around here. Speaking of weather the rain California has been getting right now is pretty insane. I guess it’s the perfect weather for staying in bed all day!


7 thoughts on “36 Week Update

  1. I had c-sections. With Tyler I was in the hospital in labor for 18 hours before my c-section. And at the end of it I wish I could have just went straight to the c-section if I knew all the stuff would have turned out that way. It’s recovery. But with Travis I choose to have the second c-section, Tyler was 18 months so I had everything down stairs and all ready to go so I could sit on the couch, read watch tv and have Tyler there sitting with us. I think the hardest thing was I could pick up Tyler for the first 2 weeks, but he could climb on my lap on the couch.


      1. It seemed worse while I was in the hospital. When I got home it didn’t seem as bad. I didn’t even finish my pain meds. My second one that I had secheduled was way smoother and so much easier to recover even though I had an 18 month old at home. My husband was only home the first week, after that it was just me and the boys. I made it work. I think the hardest is the first week. After that it’s smooth sailing. It’s more the recovery time after as far as what you can do and how soon. Your stomach muscules are cut to pull the baby out, so don’t expect to hop to the gym and stuff for 4-6 months after. But I started slow walks after a couple weeks. I want to say it took about 4 weeks before I was comfortable enough to go out on my own with boys.

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  2. I’ve had two c sections, first was emergency, 2nd planned. I was scared for first but then not at second. They do not make a big incision and it’s at your panty line, you can barely see it. It’s don’t quickly. Twenty minutes and I had my big fat healthy baby. Pros is the baby is not any stress via the birth canal. Con: took longer for my milk to come in because my body hadn’t decided it had a baby yet. Pain where incision is, had to take some pain meds to lean to get up. But eventually just Tylenol after one week. I would choose c section over my first labor any day. I had labored for three days until they decided safer for my c section. Pro: baby’s head is not squished, comes out just like she was in womb. My kids are smart as whips and I would do it all again. Don’t be scared. You are awake the whole time, you get an epidural and then quickly they bring the baby out. There will be a sheet hiding you from the procedure, but once you hear that cry, all the joy rushes in just like pushing a baby out. PS I even went home the next day after the second c section. Science has come a long way. I would have died with my first baby way back when, she was 9 pounds and my body would have never gotten her out. Thank God for doctors. Prayers for you and yours ❤


  3. My daughter was born via emergency c section. Honestly, the recovery wasn’t nearly as bad as I imagined. The worst part may have been the constipation (sorry, tmi) I experienced after I was home. The doctors and nurses will encourage/ force you to get out of bed the same day or the next and walk the halls. You won’t feel like it, but DO IT! It helps so much in your recovery. Also, a nurse once told me, don’t try to be a hero, just take the pain medication and it’s true. Best of luck but you’ll be fine!


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