34/35 Week Update 

How I’m doing:

It’s been a crazy last few weeks, with some highs and lows. Week 34 was an anxious one. I started stressing about baby being in the right position, not feeling prepared and the fear set in about having to do this whole giving birth thing again.  This resulted in high blood pressure at my 34 Week appointment. I had to have my blood tested yet again to make sure it was nothing more than nerves and stress, which sure enough it was. 

Week 35 turned things around. My besties planned a girls night in to celebrate baby Angelos with a handful of my close friends. They all brought gifts, we watched a movie and had lots of yummy food. I’ll post more details later, but it helped really get me excited about meeting our newest edition. The last few days have been spent nesting like crazy. Trying to make up for all the lost time laying in bed. We are pretty much in the safe zone now, so it’s go go go until go time. 

How he’s doing:

Before my 34 Week appointment I was starting to worry about his position, I really don’t want a c section. I felt much better after my appointment when my doctor literally used her fingers on my belly and wiggled him head down. It was pretty crazy. He wasn’t far off, and with a little help he slipped right into place. Hopefully next week he will still be head down. 

How she’s doing:

Oh Romy! Week 34 resulted in her first legit time out, and boy was that interesting! She is so strong willed, I’m really going to have my work cut out for me.  Terrible twos is almost here, just in time for a newborn! 

We had highs these last two weeks as well. She  went to Disneyland with daddy and had a ridiculous amount of fun. And her newest thing? Calling me Mom! 


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