33 Week Update

How I’m doing: 

The holidays have really made the time go by,  so I’m definitely expecting things to start feeling a lot slower in the coming weeks. It has been so nice being able to do a bit more.  I look forward to our nightly walk and have been trying to get some easy stretches in. Since I can’t lift Romy going places on our own isn’t possible but I have had a few outings with my dad and when Bobby is home. We even went to a New Year’s Eve party! (We were the first to leave-but still). 

As far as how I’m feeling goes, I am really feeling like we are running out of room. He is still moving as much as before but is completely oblivious to the fact that he doesn’t have the space and my entire belly just looks crazy. I feel like he has either moved down or gotten a lot bigger and is now really on my bladder. I constantly feel the need to pee.

How he’s doing :

Not quite sure of his position at this point. He was head down for quite a while but I feel like he has moved a lot. Hoping by 36 weeks he is head down and stays that way!

How she’s doing:

Romy is at a really fun age and I’m soaking up these final weeks with just the two of us. I hate that so much of this fun time has been spent in bed away from her, and I’m really trying to live in the moment. I can not believe she’ll be two in just two months!


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