32 Week Update 

How I’m doing:

I’d say this past week was a pretty good one. Christmas definitely helped pass the time and we kept a little busier than usual. This weeks doctors appointment was good as well. Since we’ve had 6 weeks of quiet my doctor said I can start taking 20 minute walks every day and start doing a little bit more. Still no lifting, or doing anything too crazy but I don’t have to be laying down all the time any more. What a relief! 

How he’s doing:

He seems to be happy. Lots of movement and about the size of a Jicama. All of my vitamin levels have gone up and my anemia is basically resolved so he is getting all the calcium, vitamin d and iron he needs. 

How she’s doing: 

Well, it was Christmas this week, I think that sums it up.  Romy had so much fun opening all of her gifts and loved playing with all of her new toys. Her favorites are all her Elsa dolls (she got 3), her pottery barn kids table, coloring stuff and her new balls. 

Last night was her first night with her crib in her new room. A few months back we bought her a toddler bed, which she loves to play and jump on, but I’m not sure any of us are ready to tackle the actual transition and risk messing with her sleep. So for now her crib sits beside her bed and she’s pretty happy that way. 


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