Happy day after Christmas.  You know, the day you’re sad it’s all over, and even more sad about that fact that it is going to be so much work putting all these decorations away. This year I feel extra spoiled, I think I got more than I deserved. With that being said, my favorite present of all was one from Bobby.

He surprised me with professional photos of Romy. He kept the idea a secret, and did everything himself.  I’m so glad he did it this way, because had he let me in on the photo shoot you know I would have taken over, and it wouldn’t have been what it was originally intended to be. He wanted lifestyle shots of Romy, exactly as she is today, just weeks before becoming a big sister.  She wore clothes she typically wears, had the messy hair, she fights me on every morning, ate her favorite snacks and played with her favorite toys. I’ll cherish these photos forever. My little babies life is about to change in a big way and I never want to forget these moments.


Thanks so much Taylor for these amazing shots.


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