31 Week Update

How I’m doing:

It’s been 5 weeks of bedrest, half way done! This week I’m actually slightly more comfortable, I think he must have moved a bit because I was getting some sharp pains that my doctor said was from him sitting on certain nerves. Thank god those sharp pains have let up. I had my blood drawn this week so hopefully my anemia and vitamin D will be better at next weeks appointment.

It’s easy to start doing too much, when you feel relatively fine and haven’t had anything go wrong in so long. I’ve probably been doing a tad more that I should be. This next week I should probably make an effort to not be as active as this past week.

How he’s doing:

This week Angelos is the size of a coconut and just over 3 lbs. I think he is still head down, and hopefully will stay that way. 

How she’s going:

Romy has been so much fun lately, I wish I could do more with her this month because she is so excited about Christmas. She loves driving to look at lights, and loves finding tootsie her elf every morning. This week she went to a Christmas party at her cousins house and santa came and brought her a frozen toy. She thought it was so neat. I can’t wait to see her reaction Christmas morning. 


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