Christmas Eve Box

Untitled #13
Since having Romy the holidays have become a whole new experience. Especially as she gets older I feel the pressure to create fun family traditions for her. Looking online I came across the tradition of having a Christmas Eve box every year. Basically its a box given by mom and dad to the family filled with things for Christmas Eve. I love the idea because I feel like it focuses more on experiences together than presents. I’ve decided every year our box will include the following:
  1. A new ornament for the tree
  2. A Christmas book to read before bed
  3. Cookie mix to bake for santa
  4. New pajamas 

Next year we will add:

  1. An ornament for Angelos
  2. Pajamas for Angelos

Other ideas to add:

  • A gingerbread house to decorate 
  • A craft to do as a family
  • A game to play that day
  • A new movie to watch before bed
  • Favorite snacks or candy to munch on throughout the day

Really the options are endless. Have you done a Christmas Eve box for the family? What do you usually include? 


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