A little bit of Romy

I would never be one of those moms I said. My house will always be decorated how I please. Just because I have a kid doesn’t mean my style has to go out the window: 

Add that to the list of 101 things I said before I actually had a child and went back on. ( Gosh I sounded so stupid) 

So here my friends are the pictures I probably wouldn’t post on Instagram because that’s where you are supposed to only post the pretty. Here is a little bit of Romy’s decor sprinkled into our holiday home.

Tootsie floats from place to place all around our home while Romy sleeps. If she’s into it, we are into it
Guys, if you have a child it is all about the lights. Seriously, and her playhouse was no exception.
This little tree has been decorated and redecorated daily by Romy. The Minnie Mouse on top really sets it off.
When we bought this house I envisioned a traditional Christmas with lots of green wreaths and white lights. I know it’s hard to see, but that is Olaf in the right corner and Ana with snowflakes on the balcony. How did this happen??


One thought on “A little bit of Romy

  1. I loved this !!! You hit it right on the nose! In addition, I think Romy has better decor skills than me, mommy is teaching her a lot! ❤️


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