29 Week Update

How I’m Doing:

Meh. I never really understood women who were so over pregnancy. The ones who aren’t even scared to deliver any more because they are just so done. I never got to that point with Romy. This week, as I lie here thinking 29 weeks?! I’m already getting there. Theoretically I could be in this for another 12 weeks and at that point I’m pretty sure I will be beyond done. Not to mention my outing for the week was getting my flu shot and tdap, so that probably didn’t help my “so over this” attitude.

How She’s Doing:

Poor Romy has been fighting off some (or a number of) colds since I have been on bedrest. This week it really hit her. This might actually be her first time needing antibiotics. 

How He’s Doing:

This little guy is more active than I ever remember Romy being. We are finally at the stage where you can see my entire stomach shift. I’m sure in the coming weeks it will become uncomfortable, but right now it’s pretty cool. 

And then there is this girl. She’s thrilled to have lazy day after lazy day with me.


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