32 Week Update 

How I’m doing:

I’d say this past week was a pretty good one. Christmas definitely helped pass the time and we kept a little busier than usual. This weeks doctors appointment was good as well. Since we’ve had 6 weeks of quiet my doctor said I can start taking 20 minute walks every day and start doing a little bit more. Still no lifting, or doing anything too crazy but I don’t have to be laying down all the time any more. What a relief! 

How he’s doing:

He seems to be happy. Lots of movement and about the size of a Jicama. All of my vitamin levels have gone up and my anemia is basically resolved so he is getting all the calcium, vitamin d and iron he needs. 

How she’s doing: 

Well, it was Christmas this week, I think that sums it up.  Romy had so much fun opening all of her gifts and loved playing with all of her new toys. Her favorites are all her Elsa dolls (she got 3), her pottery barn kids table, coloring stuff and her new balls. 

Last night was her first night with her crib in her new room. A few months back we bought her a toddler bed, which she loves to play and jump on, but I’m not sure any of us are ready to tackle the actual transition and risk messing with her sleep. So for now her crib sits beside her bed and she’s pretty happy that way. 



Happy day after Christmas.  You know, the day you’re sad it’s all over, and even more sad about that fact that it is going to be so much work putting all these decorations away. This year I feel extra spoiled, I think I got more than I deserved. With that being said, my favorite present of all was one from Bobby.

He surprised me with professional photos of Romy. He kept the idea a secret, and did everything himself.  I’m so glad he did it this way, because had he let me in on the photo shoot you know I would have taken over, and it wouldn’t have been what it was originally intended to be. He wanted lifestyle shots of Romy, exactly as she is today, just weeks before becoming a big sister.  She wore clothes she typically wears, had the messy hair, she fights me on every morning, ate her favorite snacks and played with her favorite toys. I’ll cherish these photos forever. My little babies life is about to change in a big way and I never want to forget these moments.


Thanks so much Taylor for these amazing shots.

31 Week Update

How I’m doing:

It’s been 5 weeks of bedrest, half way done! This week I’m actually slightly more comfortable, I think he must have moved a bit because I was getting some sharp pains that my doctor said was from him sitting on certain nerves. Thank god those sharp pains have let up. I had my blood drawn this week so hopefully my anemia and vitamin D will be better at next weeks appointment.

It’s easy to start doing too much, when you feel relatively fine and haven’t had anything go wrong in so long. I’ve probably been doing a tad more that I should be. This next week I should probably make an effort to not be as active as this past week.

How he’s doing:

This week Angelos is the size of a coconut and just over 3 lbs. I think he is still head down, and hopefully will stay that way. 

How she’s going:

Romy has been so much fun lately, I wish I could do more with her this month because she is so excited about Christmas. She loves driving to look at lights, and loves finding tootsie her elf every morning. This week she went to a Christmas party at her cousins house and santa came and brought her a frozen toy. She thought it was so neat. I can’t wait to see her reaction Christmas morning. 

Gingerbread house 

How cute is my gingerbread house? Haha no I didn’t decorate it, and no, neither did Romy. My mom bought it for us from Gelsons. I had no idea they offered this, but doesn’t it make such a cute hostess gift? You can totally customize them however you would like. I’ll definitely keep this in mind from now on when I get invited to holiday parties. 

Christmas Eve Box

Untitled #13
Since having Romy the holidays have become a whole new experience. Especially as she gets older I feel the pressure to create fun family traditions for her. Looking online I came across the tradition of having a Christmas Eve box every year. Basically its a box given by mom and dad to the family filled with things for Christmas Eve. I love the idea because I feel like it focuses more on experiences together than presents. I’ve decided every year our box will include the following:
  1. A new ornament for the tree
  2. A Christmas book to read before bed
  3. Cookie mix to bake for santa
  4. New pajamas 

Next year we will add:

  1. An ornament for Angelos
  2. Pajamas for Angelos

Other ideas to add:

  • A gingerbread house to decorate 
  • A craft to do as a family
  • A game to play that day
  • A new movie to watch before bed
  • Favorite snacks or candy to munch on throughout the day

Really the options are endless. Have you done a Christmas Eve box for the family? What do you usually include? 

30 Week Update

How I’m doing:

I’ve officially reached the point of discomfort that I felt about a week before having Romy. And I still have 10 weeks! Sharp pains, and slow moving. I’m also pretty much the same size I was when I delivered last time- so there’s that. It doesn’t help that I have to be so sedentary and the holidays are here.  On a positive note things have been going pretty smooth for the last 4 weeks, so I’m doing a tiny bit more. Mostly night time drives to see Christmas lights and drive thru Starbucks runs. It does feel good to be seeing my doctor every two weeks now, as opposed to every four. I think it makes time seem faster. 

How he’s doing: 

He’s active as ever, and I’m pretty sure head down, given how low his hiccups seem to be. Measuring right on track. 

How she’s doing:

Thank goodness Romys cold is finally better. She cracks me up everyday. She is currently obsessed with all of her “babies” which range from dolls, to stuffed animals, to her tiny figurines. She feeds them, cleans them, and does finger puppet shows for them. I can’t wait to see how she is with her baby brother. 

Gift wrap 

For gifts my go to is generally a white box, with fun decorations. (Hence why I love buying gifts from Anthro-free white box.) Since this year I really shouldn’t be on the ground bent over cutting and taping, I decided to keep it simple. 

I ordered these white boxes off of amazon, decorated them with markers and fun tape, then once Bobby was home from work he helped me assemble them.  Super easy breezy, but I actually really like them. I kept with the theme of initials, gold and black. 

What do you typically do for holiday gift wrap?