28 Week Update

Two weeks down! Woohoo. 

How I’m doing: I’m officially in my third trimester which feels pretty good. I’ve also worked up the courage to come downstairs during the day and that has made a difference in my days as well. Overall I’m feeling pretty optimistic this week. I had an ultrasound, my first time leaving the house, and there are no signs of active bleeding anywhere which is great. I still have to keep doing what I have been doing, but am relieved that everything is looking good. 

How he’s doing: This weeks ultrasound showed him measuring right on target. He’s about 2 lbs 14 oz and in the 65th percentile. (Romy at this point was measuring at 3.5 lbs) 

I for some reason have thought this whole pregnancy that he will come out looking completely different than Romy. I envisioned him with a darker complexion and looking more like me (wishful thinking I’m sure), but at the ultrasound his profile looked just like Romy’s did. Romy had a protruding upper lip and tiny chin and so does he. Now I’m super curious. 

How she’s doing: Since I have been spending my days downstairs Romy has been a lot better. I see more of her throughout the day. We had a couple rainy days this week that I think made her a little stir crazy. It’s super hard to be so hands off with her, but I’m learning to choose my battles.


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