27 Week Update

I’ve officially survived my first week of bedrest, and have 9 more to go. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I have been trying to think in terms of one week at a time, so it’s the first mini milestone.

How I’m feeling:

I feel as good as you can staying in bed all day.  I have no pain or major discomfort.  The first few days home I had lots of anxiety that at any given moment something could happen and I’d be back at L&D, but as the days pass with little excitement I have started to feel more at ease with my situation.

Keeping Busy:

I am breaking up my day with books, magazines, blogging, coloring, and tv. Having visitors has been a nice distraction as well. I watched all 6 episodes so far of the new show Divorce on HBO- anyone else watching? What do you think? I also started season 1 of Girls.   I even looked into taking an online course to get my real estate license, just for the heck of it.


The hardest thing for me has been the lack of time I have been able to spend with Romy.  The first few days she literally cried to leave my room at every chance she got and acted as if she was mad at me for not leaving the bed to come and play with her. Over the next few days it grew into lots of cry fits and tantrums, and finally the last few days spent a few hours in bed cuddling with me and watching Frozen. She definitely  knows something is going on, but doesn’t understand.

Diet & Nutrition:

Since finding out I was anemic and deficient in Vitamin D my diet has been a bit healthier than it was in the beginning of my pregnancy.  I’ve put my focus toward high iron, high fiber foods and have made it a point to incorporate more leafy greens and vegetables to my day. I’m hoping to avoid iron supplements and large amounts of red meat, but we will see after my next blood draw if I will need to.  I’m currently taking a prenatal vitamin, calcium, vitamin D and a probiotic daily.

Week 27 brings Thanksgiving, and some work getting done to our house, so I’m hoping its a quick one. What do you usually do when you have to pass some time?


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