28 Week Update

Two weeks down! Woohoo. 

How I’m doing: I’m officially in my third trimester which feels pretty good. I’ve also worked up the courage to come downstairs during the day and that has made a difference in my days as well. Overall I’m feeling pretty optimistic this week. I had an ultrasound, my first time leaving the house, and there are no signs of active bleeding anywhere which is great. I still have to keep doing what I have been doing, but am relieved that everything is looking good. 

How he’s doing: This weeks ultrasound showed him measuring right on target. He’s about 2 lbs 14 oz and in the 65th percentile. (Romy at this point was measuring at 3.5 lbs) 

I for some reason have thought this whole pregnancy that he will come out looking completely different than Romy. I envisioned him with a darker complexion and looking more like me (wishful thinking I’m sure), but at the ultrasound his profile looked just like Romy’s did. Romy had a protruding upper lip and tiny chin and so does he. Now I’m super curious. 

How she’s doing: Since I have been spending my days downstairs Romy has been a lot better. I see more of her throughout the day. We had a couple rainy days this week that I think made her a little stir crazy. It’s super hard to be so hands off with her, but I’m learning to choose my battles.


wishlist 2016

wishlist 2016

Not that I’m really expecting a $3k gift from anyone this Christmas, but this is my fantasy Christmas list. Like in a word with no money. Figured it was worth posting here in case you needed some ideas for a lucky lady in your life.  Seriously though, that massive blanket will probably make its way under the tree.  What are you eyeing for yourself this year? Maybe I’ll let your santa clause know.


Happy left over turkey day. Anyone else look forward to the left overs as much as the thanksgiving day meal itself? 

Since I was in bed all day and my mom had to work for the first part of the day we decided to make it at easy as possible on ourselves. We bought the entire turkey dinner from Gelsons and omg it was delicious. I’m thinking of having Bobby whip up one of these recipes with all of our amazing left overs.

Via Oh, Sweet Basil
Via Our Life Tastes Good
Via Art and the Kitchen

What’s your go to left over recipes?



Photo via Whitney Darling

This year I am most thankful for family.  I’m thankful for my little Romy who has changed my life in more ways than her little 1 year old mind can comprehend.  I am thankful that Baby Angelos is still cooking, and I am able to enjoy the holiday from home surrounded by the most important people in my life. I am thankful to have Bobby by my side through it all, taking on so much more than he is used to.  Lastly I am thankful that I have the immediate family that I do, who have committed so much of their free time to helping us out.

Wishing all of my friends and family a fabulous Thanksgiving.




Anyone Black Friday shopping tonight?  I will be from my computer.  Praying I get my hands on some Prickly Pot prints from Little Unicorn for Angelos’ Nursery.  I typically hit up Old Navy simply because everything is 50% off.  And I haven’t heard anything yet, but I’m hoping Framebridge offers something, because I have a handful of photo gifts I need to frame.  If  I weren’t in bed, I’d be at home Depot tomorrow at 6 AM for $1 poinsettia plants and $5 real wreaths. What are your go to Black Friday stops?


27 Week Update

I’ve officially survived my first week of bedrest, and have 9 more to go. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I have been trying to think in terms of one week at a time, so it’s the first mini milestone.

How I’m feeling:

I feel as good as you can staying in bed all day.  I have no pain or major discomfort.  The first few days home I had lots of anxiety that at any given moment something could happen and I’d be back at L&D, but as the days pass with little excitement I have started to feel more at ease with my situation.

Keeping Busy:

I am breaking up my day with books, magazines, blogging, coloring, and tv. Having visitors has been a nice distraction as well. I watched all 6 episodes so far of the new show Divorce on HBO- anyone else watching? What do you think? I also started season 1 of Girls.   I even looked into taking an online course to get my real estate license, just for the heck of it.


The hardest thing for me has been the lack of time I have been able to spend with Romy.  The first few days she literally cried to leave my room at every chance she got and acted as if she was mad at me for not leaving the bed to come and play with her. Over the next few days it grew into lots of cry fits and tantrums, and finally the last few days spent a few hours in bed cuddling with me and watching Frozen. She definitely  knows something is going on, but doesn’t understand.

Diet & Nutrition:

Since finding out I was anemic and deficient in Vitamin D my diet has been a bit healthier than it was in the beginning of my pregnancy.  I’ve put my focus toward high iron, high fiber foods and have made it a point to incorporate more leafy greens and vegetables to my day. I’m hoping to avoid iron supplements and large amounts of red meat, but we will see after my next blood draw if I will need to.  I’m currently taking a prenatal vitamin, calcium, vitamin D and a probiotic daily.

Week 27 brings Thanksgiving, and some work getting done to our house, so I’m hoping its a quick one. What do you usually do when you have to pass some time?

Hello again

Photo by Whitney Darling Photography

Looking back at the posts of this blog I can’t help but feel as though they were written by someone else. It was the craziest time in my life.  I had just had my daughter, which was a complete game changer in every aspect, and I was desperately clinging to any ounce of my former self. I felt like blogging was the one thing that I could hold onto.  It was the one thing that I wouldn’t let slip through the cracks of motherhood. But I even failed at that. As time went on, and we got into our groove, my former self slowly but surely began to resurface. I like to think I have finally found my balance.

And here I lay 26 weeks pregnant, on bedrest for the duration of my pregnancy, about to do it all over again…..

Sounds like the perfect time to start blogging again, right?

If I’ve learned anything these past two years, it’s to let things go. This time around I’m going into both motherhood and blogging with little expectations. You win some, you lose some, but at the end of the day, time passes and there is always tomorrow.  Who knows if I will be able to keep up, but today feels pretty optimistic.