RAMONA BETH: Maternity photos

When deciding if I was going to do maternity photos I kept going back and forth. I really didn’t feel amazing, I’m not one of those women who feel extra empowered or sexy while pregnant. After talking to lots of other moms they all agreed that even though I might not be into it now, I would want the photos later. I decided to have my sister snap some shots, just so I could file them for later, when Romy asks to see photos while pregnant with her. Surprisingly, I ended up really liking how they turned out.  I may even frame a few!

maternity maternity1 maternity2
maternity4 maternity5 maternity6 maternity8


My tips for mommas doing maternity shoots?

Do what feels most comfortable and authentic to you.  For me that was around my home (my happy place), in comfy clothes, with my favorite people (and animals). If you are more of a sexy momma, go for it.  A beach bum head to the sand. A fashionista, do something fun and stylized.  Just do you and have fun with it. You’ll never be able to go back to this time so you might as well embrace it!


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