Nesting: Family Room

If there was an award for craziest nester, I think I would get it.  We kind of got out of control the last few months before Romy was born. It was a good excuse to get everything done.  The biggest changes made to our family room was the flooring and window coverings.

As much as I loved my all white floors, they began to change colors near our windows. Our once white floors were now all shades of blue, white, and gray.  With that being said I decided to go with a tile that is made to look like wood. I went with a mid tone that had more of an ashy gray undertone than brown or tan.  I have to say I think I like this much more!

I love the open feeling I have downstairs especially with the giant bifold door, so I knew I didn’t want anything heavy on the windows. If I could I would have left them naked I would have.  These blinds from Blinds Galore ended up being the perfect solution.


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